Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Return of Non Sequitur Theatre

Why is it that I compose the cleverest blog posts while in the shower and can't remember the topic by the time I'm dried off? Perhaps I should take notes in the soap. As it is, you get random tidbits today.

- Buster is undergoing a word explosion this month. He looks at my fleece socks and declares, “Fuh-zee.” He brings me a Sudoku book and ‘reads’ from it, saying “Sic, Eight, Ten!” He identifies D, M, J, and K in his alphabet book. Cows say, “MOOOOOO.” Awwwww.

He’s also throwing little fits when we can’t understand (or won’t give him) what he wants, which is less charming. Grit teeth and repeat after me, “Age appropriate, age appropriate.”

- Q-ster enjoyed a trip to the local college planetarium with SwingDaddy and his preschool class yesterday. He reported that his favorite constellation was “two dogs chasing Oh-Wyan, who was fighting a bull with wings.” My mythology is pretty good, but I did have to Wikipedia Orion to remind myself what exactly got filtered through a four year old’s interpretation.

On the drive home from the planetarium, Q-ster asked for an example of ‘mythology’ and SwingDaddy told him the first tale that came to mind –Daedalus and Icarus. I laughed when I heard that, since the moral of the story is “Listen to your dad.” (Daedalus builds artificial wings for both of them, Icarus ignores his father’s warnings not to fly too close too high, the sun melts the wax holding the wings together, and the boy falls to his death.)

- I recently had one of those afternoons where I came to clearly understand the origins of the phrase “children should be seen and not heard.” No one was misbehaving, but it was just really loud.


mayberry said...

All of my brilliance happens right before I fall asleep. *poof* gone in the morning!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Mayberry, I have the best thoughts when I'm not quite awake.

We're having the tantrums here, too. It's a really good thing that toddlers are so cute, I have to say.