Monday, December 07, 2009

More Balloon, Now with Lightsaber Options!

The balloon saga, it does not end.

We watched a bit of the original Star Wars movie today, where Ben Kenobi teaches Luke how to use a lightsaber by having him fight a spherical, airborne remote device. Shortly afterwards, Q-ster attacked the still-floating balloon with his flashlight-saber and we had ourselves a merry little Jedi training session.

The boys have also taken to sitting under the dining room table on beanbags in the dark with flashlights, calling it “camping.” They graciously allowed me to turn on the lights to take a picture.

Over a Silicon Valley Moms, I admit to having no beauty skills in Eyebrows, the Final Frontier.


mayberry said...

You are really squeezing a lot out of that 12 cents!

Anonymous said...

The force is strong in that one. I know just who I'll call if any Sith come knocking at my door! ;)