Thursday, December 17, 2009

James Cameron, a Better Sense of Humor Than One Would Think

Friends in the movie business used to say that James Cameron (director of Titanic) was notorious for being difficult on set, but apparently he’s changed. In recent interviews, he credits that to doing documentary shoots with crews 800 miles at sea, where it’s important to have good working relationships that don’t get you thrown overboard.

An amusing clip from Entertainment Weekly:
Q: Despite the guns and explosions and robots, your movies usually have an element of romance and a strong female protagonist, like Ripley in Aliens or Sarah Connor in the Terminator movies. Where does that impulse come from?

Cameron: First of all, last time I checked, women were 50 percent of the population. And when you’re making a movie that costs over $200 million, you don’t want to have a target audience. Your target audience is people with a pulse and $15 - or even just $15.

He went on to say some interesting things about how one learns the most through relationships, so he realized it’s a powerful way to introduce an alien world.

In other news, what did you think of the SYTYCD results? Spoiler below . . .
I loved Jakob’s amazingness, but Russell is really a star. Hope that they get to do a tour – perhaps combined with season 7!


mayberry said...

I was surprised--I thought that Jakob was going to win. He seemed to be in almost all of the judges' favorite numbers! But as they like to remind us (OFTEN), the judges don't make the final decision.

Bob said...

1. Not to get thrown overboard:- Priceless.

2. People with a pulse and a purse.