Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Grocery Cartography

Our long national nightmare is over. Or at least we get a reprieve. Eggos, yes, we have found Eggos.

First, a little background.

After a year of playing Qui-Gonn to Q-ster’s Obi-wan, I am now Princess Leia to his Han Solo. The bonus is that he tells me he loves me often, since he understands Han loves Leia. I am able to convince him to join me for errands, explaining that I need a gunner to defend the ship while I am piloting to Planet Safeway.

As a household, we’ve been a grocery customer of Safeway for many years, but we’ve found that the branch near our new house is often unsatisfactory. The selection is poor, and they’re often sold out of organic milk, a key staple for us. Today, we flew the Millenium Honda to Planet Lucky’s, to check out the produce and see if we should shift our allegiance.

We found three items in stock that cemented our decision:
Saran Wrap
Nestle Hot Chocolate powder

All of these have been unobtainable at Safeway. I brought paper with us and took notes aisle by aisle, so that we’ll have a new store map. What is that, you ask? My industrial engineering background emerges in shopping list form. We buy mostly the same things week after week, so our printed list shows where the items are located in the grocery store, and we just circle what we need. It speeds the shopping and pleases my geeky heart.

In any case, we left with organic milk, Eggos, hot chocolate, and notes for our next provisions foray to outer space. May the Food be with You.


Bob said...

Flew the Millenium Honda to Planet Lucky’s, how creative

mayberry said...

Mmmmm ... Eggos! The store brand ones are NOT cutting it for us. Congratulations on your find!

Anonymous said...

The store map is a brilliant idea. I recently shifted grocery alliances myself, and I am finding it harder to navigate the new environment. I should have known that there would be an engineering solution for me!

appleseed said...

I love when you talk nerdy!

Asianmommy said...

Haha! I love your little map.