Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Dance Reality Miscellania

The top ten So You Think You Can Dance performers are a treat. Jakob is breathtaking, Kathryn is charming, and the irritating ones have grown on me. I really enjoyed tonight’s show and also the fact that I was watching during the actual broadcast night instead of days later. Ah, the difference it makes when I’ve not oversubscribed with TV.

Speaking of the show that just wrapped up, I’m thrilled that Kym (and oh yeah, her partner Donny Osmond) won Dancing with the Stars, because she’s been doing great work for many seasons. She posted a cute picture of the mirrorball trophy here. I try to never read the comments section at CNN.com because it’s populated with morons, but as I was scrolling down the article about Donny’s win over pop star Mya, my eye glanced over this one:

“I will never watch Dancing with the Stars again! Mya is a totally better dancer! It’s like this is a popularity contest or something!”

Um, yeah. What did you think it was, with all the calling in and voting for your favorites?

The next best part of the finale DWTS show was seeing Miss Piggy knock out the painfully awkward interviewer, Samantha Harris. Those Muppeteers sure are talented, because how can a puppet with no legs make a motion that so obviously shows she was kicking her opponent? Frank Oz rocks.

Other random dance bits – Over the weekend, we watched Dance Flick, a parody of the dance movie genre from the Wayans dynasty, much like Scary Movie and its ilk. It was kind of awful, but featured Legacy (from SYTYCD) in a dance within the first five minutes, so it’s worth a brief glimpse if you’re a fan of his. The boy can move.

And lastly, we’ve gotten the class schedule for a fabulous dance workshop this summer at the University that features historical dances from the Renaissance onwards, and SwingDaddy and I are registered! This will be the first time we’ve had a chance to sign up as students instead of teachers in a long time, and the material looks fabulous.

With a little childcare juggling, we should be able to manage five days of classes, costume balls in the evening, and a concert night where we’ve been invited to perform. We started dating at this same vintage dance week fifteen years ago, and I’m looking forward to having a mini-vacation doing something that brought us together then and now.


Anonymous said...

How exciting about the dance workshop. I bet you'll have a fabulous time!

mayberry said...

That event sounds amazing! What a treat for you both.