Thursday, December 10, 2009

Corn Dogs and Ice

So I had the unusual experience of attending a company party yesterday where one of the prime decorations was a life-sized ice sculpture of my product. Cool! Weird, but cool. We all took pictures next to it, getting just slightly damp as it slowly melted.

Geeky jokes involving the ice sculpture:

“Hey, at least you won’t have to upgrade the HVAC (air conditioning) when you install this!”

“I wonder what the MTBF (mean time between failures) is?”

I guess you had to be there.

Since I don’t post work pictures, I will instead share a photo of my boys chowing on corn dogs. Buster ate an entire corn dog. The dude is 19 months old and eating more than me. Q-ster ate his corn dog and the portion of mine that I didn’t finish.

We were thisclose to using the corn dog picture for our Christmas card, but YF saved us and shot a nice image that I’ve sent off to TinyPrints. Hooray!


mayberry said...

Wow -- Buster looks so big! My holiday card has a picture of my kids with two giant falcon mascots at a football game. Anything goes!

Bob said...

Wow, an ice sculpture of your product, it'll be great if you worked for Haagen Dazs.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how much toddlers can eat, when they want to. Mine seems to alternate between subsisting on air, and out-eating all of us.