Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cage Match in the Hexagon

I suppose it was inevitable between brothers. No injuries, and no good photos because as soon as they started rushing each other inside the Hexagon, I had to jump in and “redirect” to a more harmless activity.

Such as this nicely cooperative Lego-play, later in the evening.

I’ve had the boys solo for most of the weekend while SwingDaddy was skiing with friends, and we’ve busied ourselves visiting new parks, sharing a gourmet red velvet cupcake, and seeing the Lego exhibit of a local museum.

We’re also doing a little “reading camp” during the holiday break from school. Q-ster is really close to being able to read on his own, so we’re spending a little time with the BOB books each day, and that may help him along.

We haven’t been giving Buster academic lessons by any means, but somehow, he’s managed to pick up a lot of the alphabet and most of his numbers by osmosis. Eager to imitate his brother, perhaps? Yesterday, he surprised me by pointing out letters in an alphabet book, concluding with:

Ek! (X)
Why! (Y)
Zebra! (Z)

Not bad, kiddo.


mayberry said...

X, Y, Zebra. I love it!

Bob said...

Great photos.
There will be "click for sounds" for each photo pretty soon.

Waltzing with Widgets said...

Very nice! I think Zebra is a fine name for a letter, it still has less syllables than dub-ul-yoo for example... I really like the "Up and Down" photo!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Buster is one smart cookie!

K goose blog said...

love the pics... so perfect!