Monday, November 30, 2009

Why Clothing for Boys is More Exciting Than I Expected

Q-ster in his Indiana Jones regalia.

He recently rediscovered the cowboy vest that Nanny J brought him from Texas two and a half years ago (photo of the little dude in vest on a pony here), and what do ya know, it finally fits and works right into his adventure-y look.

He reminds me daily that he’d really like some indoor Jedi boots. We don’t wear shoes in the house, so not being able to don his brown boots leaves a gap in his Obi-wan attire. I remind him in return that Christmas is coming up.

I have indeed located some excellent brown slipper socks in his size ($12 at Nordstrom for you with similarly inclined children!). I just need to remove the pink pom-poms and we’ll be in business.

One of the dangers of being creative with his costumes and gear is that he thinks I can make anything. It’s very affirming, but I’ve realized that the current project, the Christmas ornaments, may have been a riskier proposition that I imagined. It turns out that felt ornaments are very dependent on precise cutting to create attractive shapes. Frankly, I’m pretty awful at cutting. I’m very good at embellishing, draping, approximating, that kind of thing. I draft my own patterns and adjust on the fly.

Trying to design a cute, chubby candy cane shape is killing me, so I’m going to backtrack and try a snowman next. Surely I can cut circles. Right? Right?


mayberry said...

You can! I have faith. Besides, imperfection is what makes homemade charming.

Bob said...

Cool looking dude, I'm surprised that the vest still fits.

Anonymous said...

Nice hat:)

Fourth Breakfast

Anonymous said...

Cutting is my least favourite part of crafting. I read patterns that say, "be very careful to cut a straight line" and I just cringe inside.

Good luck with yours!