Sunday, November 22, 2009

Treats for Everyone!

It’s somewhat amusing that after reading all the hubbub about the new FTC guidelines about product endorsements by bloggers and thinking that it didn’t matter so much to me since I hardly ever write about things I didn’t purchase myself, the Silicon Valley Moms Blog throws a fabulous holiday product event that made me feel like Santa, bearing a sack of treasures. Jill, Linsey, and the team were classy as ever, bringing together some great vendors in a friendly environment where we had a chance to interact with them and fellow bloggers.

Others have done a better job of recapping, so I’ll just mention a few highlights.

* Chatting with friends like Karianna about photography and Star Wars-obsessed boys, Lia about her new Leapfrog gig, and seeing Darryle again, after meeting her on an airport shuttle in Chicago last summer.

* Receiving the most adorable monkey mittens from Zooni for Buster. I am heartbroken that the dinosaur mittens they had on display are no longer available (or at least not on their website), because I would have bought a pair for myself (if they made adult sizes . . .). Good thing they don’t make octopus gear, because I might find myself awash in yarn.

* Contributing to the Dress for Success project sponsored by Coffeemate. I brought an outfit that is now too big (!) from my post-maternity months that can be given to a woman who is getting back into the workforce, and it also inspired me to clear my closet of a number of other no longer needed items. In all 95 pounds of donations were collected that afternoon.

* Meeting the Tiny Prints folks in person. I had them make Buster’s birth announcements last year and they turned out beautifully. (No disclosure needed on that – I paid for them). I do have a 25% coupon from them that I’m encouraged to share with readers, so let me know if you’d like to place an order. They’ve asked that I don’t post it on the web. I may get to use the coupon myself too, since I have not yet given up hope of getting a photo where both children are in the frame.

* Seeing a glimpse of some new tech.

HP brought their new web-enabled TouchSmart printer. While I thought the photos it printed had a pinkish cast, I’d guess it was an ink issue, since it looks like how my current Epson (the first non-HP printer I’ve ever purchased) prints when it’s low on certain colors. The web-access part didn’t seem really necessary until I thought about how many times I’ve wished I could print another coloring page for Q-ster just after I shut down my computer.

Seeing the litl webbook was also very cool. I won’t be willing to spend $700 to get one, but the screen is incredibly bright and vivid with excellent off-axis viewing. It’s yummy looking, like an iPhone.

* I also got to talk to the owner of Olive Smart Sacks, who gave us all sets of three beautiful, re-usable bags. I used them shopping at Costco today and was pleased with how much fit in them. By the way, that’s my trick for escaping from Costco without buying anything unplanned – just bring bags and don’t take a cart!

In any case, it was a delightful time, and as I try out some of the other products over the next weeks, I may post a few (fully-disclosed) thoughts here or at the Full Mommy.

Still contemplating a line of knitted sealife mittens . . .

Photos by Carla Duharte Razura of

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Looks like a cool time! Those cupcakes look fantastic.