Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Perspective, the Breakfast Edition

Pondering the worldwide shortage of:

Clean drinking water
H1N1 vaccine
Eggo waffles

(I was planning to post a picture of the Costco Eggo stash I saw last weekend, but I accidentally deleted it. Instead, we will make do with an image of the boys insisting that it was their turn to push Daddy on the swing.)


Desiree said...

I find that such a bizarre news story line. I guess everyone loves Eggo as much as we do. No shortage in our freezer!

Anonymous said...

I like the way that Kellogg's says that they will ration Eggos. I now have this mental picture of a Central Bureau of Toaster Waffle Provision. You receive 3 boxes, because you live in Santa Fe, and you receive 2, because you live in Boise. Whether you want them or not!

Anonymous said...

My two favorite drinking water charities:
Lifestraw (donate one for $6.50)

Charity Water (the one Hugh Jackman ended up selecting in his twitter challenge)

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