Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Past and Future

Tonight we had a lovely visit from an old friend who was unexpectedly in town. We’ve been good pals since our sophomore year in college, I introduced him to his wife, and we were in each other’s wedding parties an age ago. We couldn’t quite remember when we saw each other last – three years ago? –but it’s always wonderful to reconnect with a true friend. It feels like no time has passed at all.

His two boys are mad for Star Wars, and we shared some tales of mediating light saber disputes and accumulating Lego. One of the fun tidbits he shared was that Saturday mornings are really great again. The boys (ages four and seven) get up on their own, play Lego and Lego Star Wars together, and let their parents sleep in.

SwingDaddy and I are hoping that our future looks like that in a few years.


mayberry said...

Ours are that age and they do entertain themselves/each other in the early mornings. It is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

That Saturday morning sleep-in sounds heavenly. I cannot wait!