Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Non Sequitur Theater Continues

The boys playing drums. We can totally go on tour. Q-ster has been diligently practicing his “r” sound, so it’s no longer Wock Band in this household. It’s RRRRRRRock Band!

Many of the blogs I read are written by moms, and while I thoroughly support the right of any blogger to vent and express anything she wants on her blog, it does mean that the husbands sometimes don’t get the best press. So, I love reading little snippets of how couples treat each other well.

Yesterday, Amalah (who is self-employed while taking care of two incredibly cute little boys) wrote about a perfectly thoughtful gift from her husband. He gave her five of his vacation days. That’s awesome.

I’m attending an event next weekend that includes supporting Dress for Success, an organization that provides clothing suitable for women (re)entering the workforce and interviewing for jobs. Initially, I was all excited, because I have a whole lot of suit jackets that I no longer wear, but upon reading their criteria, I think my stuff is too shabby for them. I always wonder if charity people will scorn my donations.

I’ll probably take the stash to Goodwill instead, with the exception of one corduroy blazer that I only wore for two months post-pregnancy and a nice pair of dress slacks that was also supposed to see me through the awkward post-preggo size. I never got around to adjusting the hems and now they’re too big. At least someone will get some use from them!


mayberry said...

Have you tried Beatles Rock Band yet? It sounds amazing!

Anonymous said...
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brendaj said...

I've donated to Career Closet in SJ, and they are pretty flexible on what they take. If they can't use it, they'll donate it elsewhere so you don't need to worry about it.

Hobo Mama said...

Aw, good husbands are sweet. I'm going to let mine guest post on my blog, so he can give himself any type of press he wants!

As for charities scorning donations, once we called for a truck pickup of some furniture, and the thrift-shop people threw some of it in the Dumpster while we were standing there watching. The best part is we later retrieved the furniture and kept using it.