Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hike Hike Hike

Q-ster’s playgroup friend Fi, her baby brother, and their intrepid parents hosted a fabulous post-Thanksgiving festival at the park. Overcoming his shyness, Q-ster joined in the tug of war, spoon race, and other games.

Buster fearlessly plunged into the touch football game as well, making things a bit more challenging for the larger players cavorting around him.

Fi and Nah enjoyed the three legged race so much that they requested to be tied together repeatedly.

The boys particularly enjoyed the “rocks and ropes” play area, where a whole set of fake rock formations and artificial logs were arranged in an excellent climbing formation. I suppose this is what happens when lawyers get ahold of nature.

The finale was a whipped cream eating contest, which is how I plan to end every social engagement I host in the future. (No photo, as I don’t know whether all the parents would give an ok to post the pics on the blog.)

Thanks for the great time, YF and Tom Fence!


mayberry said...

How fun! Friends of ours recently hosted an all-ages kickball game + chili potluck dinner. Such a great idea!

Bob said...

Wow What fun! And Great photos.

Anonymous said...

A whipped cream eating contest really DOES sound like an excellent way to end any event. First up? Christmas dinner with my family! :)

YF said...

Oooh this was such a nice surprise to see!! Great shots and thank you for coming. So glad you all had fun. Your boys (all 3 of them) were so much fun. xo C