Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Awesome Helium Balloon Knowledge

Buster loves him some balloons, as you may recall, so my parents brought each boy a helium balloon. They weighed the many feature options and decided to spring for the "longer float time" coating at an extra twelve cents. Was it worth it? You bet! They got the balloons on Friday – regular latex ones – and four days later, they’re still flying high.

TechSavvyMama posted her Preschooler Gift Guide today, which led me to a store called the Pajama Squid. How could I resist clicking over to a shop with that name? Especially since they have tree ornaments of pajama-wearing squid!

Here’s a bonus sealife sighting at Target – a Christmas lobster dog toy. Love the hat.


Asianmommy said...

Oh how cute! Love the lobster toy. :)

mayberry said...

Tree ornaments are VERY SMALL. I think you should treat yourself.

Bob said...

Nice black and white squid color
Someday, they'll have color changing octopus/squid toys. On second thought, if they blend in with the background, you may not want to buy them.

Anonymous said...

12 cents for 4 days of float time? That's a total bargain! Ours are usually mostly dead by the next morning.

And I love the squid ornament.WAY, way too cute. :)