Monday, November 16, 2009

And Now I Understand Kate Gosselin's Hair

I’ve only had short hair for a brief year in high school, not including infancy and years where I wasn’t responsible for my own hair care, so I never really understood how “having a bad hair day” could be so devastating to someone. Well, with my new cut, I do. I woke this morning, and Q-ster told me, “Mommy, you have high hair!”

During a family Target run over the weekend, we came across some gloves decorated with a Darth Vader pattern. They were pretty cute and only $4, so I asked Q-ster if his hands got cold playing outside at school. Certainly my hands get cold, but he’s never liked gloves.

He was intrigued, so I said we could get them, and he happily tossed the pair into our shopping basket. Rookie error on my part. My parents gently asked, “um, are those going to fit?” Right.

They were so big that they looked like oven mitts on Q-ster. I expected a tussle, but he agreed to put them back on the shelf without complaint! It was amazing how rational he was.

By the way, when I write these things, I’m in no way saying that my life or children are perfect. It’s not, they’re not, I’m not. However, I’m frequently sleep-deprived enough that I’ll only remember these sweet moments that I record and will completely forget about the times when the boys turn into whiny noodles. I will look back in years to come and only recall the good stuff.


mayberry said...

Uh oh, you almost look like you're sporting a Bumpit!

Anonymous said...

I got a haircut this weekend, and my new stylist (Fabio, I kid you not) lamented the lack of volume in my hair. He even compared it unfavourably to Asian hair. I think he wishes that mine WOULD stick up, but no dice.