Sunday, November 01, 2009

And the Force is With Us

As requested by his older brother, Buster dressed as Yoda for Halloween and quite enjoyed the earred hat. “Hat” was one of his earliest signed and spoken words, and he pats his head frequently to point out that he has a hat.

West Coast Crafty posted about her child’s fine Yoda costume (especially the hat). I noticed that she’d selected the classic Yoda with a walking stick, but we chose the action Yoda look with lightsaber.

I didn’t get a great shot of Q-ster in the act of Trick or Treating, so here instead is the crew about to begin, and lord knows we have plenty of Obi-wan pictures.

Our neighborhood didn’t really get into the holiday spirit much, but we visited the four decorated houses on our block. Q-ster pronounced himself pleased with “Soooo much candy!” that he’d collected, so we didn’t venture farther afield.

A good Halloween was had by all.


Bon said...

they are absolutely adorable. did you MAKE the Yoda hat? awwww.

mayberry said...

They look great! We were so sad that our friendliest neighbors were away. I guess that's what happens when Halloween is on a Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Love the snake that West Coast Crafty made. Nothing like having a full complement of accessories

Fourth Breakfast

kimberly/tippytoes said...

great costumes! love the plush lightsabers!