Sunday, October 18, 2009

This Time, the Roller Coaster

We made a return trip to California’s Only Horticultural Theme Park over the weekend, where we were joined by a half dozen families from what I think of as “Mommy Group.” We came together with wee little infants four and a half years ago, and now they beg for rides on roller coasters. It was delightful to see everyone and admire how much all the kids have grown.

First, swinging in strawberries.

Q-ster’s friend Anreew is also going to be Obi-Wan Kenobi for Halloween (costume obscured by the strawberry in this photo, unfortunately.)

We “drove” a cool convertible car, which I’d like to point out as much easier to co-pilot than Autopia at Disneyland, since the speed is controlled by ride itself.

Investigating a cross-section of a giant redwood tree.

Q-ster and Fi deciding where to go next.

And where did we go next? The kids had their hearts set on a roller coaster. It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of crazy rides (see the ‘riding the garlic’ post for that tale), but Q-ster wasn’t tall enough to ride unchaperoned, and I couldn’t let him down. So we got in line and I rode the d@mned thing with him.

As the ‘coaster clicked upwards on the second ascent, I looked over and saw him gleefully anticipating more swoops and turns. He got awfully quiet as we plummeted down, but I couldn’t do more than say, “Here we go! Wheee!” in as cheerful a tone as I could manage. I shouldn’t have worried. As we pulled into the station, he chirped, “That was JUST like a POD RACE!” which goes to show you that any experience is cool if you can put it in context of Star Wars.

I learned something too. I’ve become increasingly less physically daring in the last few years. I stopped “going upside down” after I got pregnant the first time, and haven’t performed any serious acrobatics in dance since then. I was starting to say, “too old for this” inside my head, even if I didn’t verbalize it.

And that’s really silly. Clearly, there are some things I will never do again nor want to, but I'm getting back in the mindset of wanting new experiences, meeting new friends, new things to do. That's how we stay agile and interesting.

Thanks, Q-ster. Mommy’s glad that we rode the roller coaster. It was fun!


Asianmommy said...

I love roller coasters--can't wait until my daughters are willing to go on them!

Anonymous said...

I am a roller coaster fan. But there are other things that I stopped doing when I got pregnant the first time. Maybe it's time to get over that, huh?

mayberry said...

Good for you! (But I'm still afraid of roller coasters!)

Desiree said...

Great shots! Love the one of Q with the tree trunk cross section.

I am a big roller coaster fan too, as is Andrew, obviously - anytime you are up for a trip to Great America, we are there!!! :)

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

How fun! Even more so in costume.