Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sad Today

Mourning the passing of our beloved Costume Conspirator after a long illness.

Best memories:

A rehearsal where she demonstrated high kicks so vigorously that she left a bruise on her forehead.

Two crazed weekends where we designed and sewed ten black and white flapper dresses for the ladies and seven matching vests for the gents.

Photo credit: Dave Wong

Shopping and scheming for fabrics, rhinestones, beads, and fringe to stage the next big choreography. We never believed that ‘less is more.’

Sharing joys – food, talk, dance.

She was a good friend, a creative partner, the businesswoman who hired me into the career and company where I’ve worked for nine years, and one of the most alive people I knew. It’s hard to believe she’s gone.

Photo credit: Patrick Tower

Another vibrant reason to pursue cancer research until we kick cancer's @ss.


Mir said...

I'm sorry for your loss. :(

Stimey said...

I'm so sorry to hear this.

Lara said...

I had no idea. :(

That is a horrible loss indeed.

mayberry said...

So very sad -- I'm sorry for your loss, and her family's, and her community's.

Anonymous said...

I'm so, so sorry. :(

tali said...

I am so so shocked and saddened to hear this. As a very wise 14-year-old I know once said, "cancer sucks" =(

Bob said...

She was full of energy and high spirited, it's so unfair.

Anonymous said...

still crying
Mme A

Anonymous said...

PS. and remember the time she was in the sailor fight scene with Swing Daddy getting thrown through the air?
Mme A