Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Think I’ve Written This Post Before

It was so chilly (by my standards) when Buster woke early this morning that I brought him back to our bed instead of dozing on his couch. Fuzzy in his sleepsack, he made the perfect human hot water bottle, and I curled around him, at least until he started kicking.

The micro dude can just barely straighten his legs inside “the bag,” as we call the sleepsack, so I’ve got extra-large ones on order. They should last him the season, and by next winter, he’ll be old enough to command whatever regular blankets he wants.

On an unrelated topic, I want to change some of my patterns of lateness. I used to pride myself on being perfectly on time, but it’s fallen by the wayside. In my personal life, I usually append a meeting time with “ish,” which other friends with children understand well. 10-ish at the playground. 5-ish for dinner. That ‘ish’ stands for the vagaries of getting small people dressed and out the door.

At work, my schedule is often driven by higher-ups who need to run a meeting longer or start it late. Customer demands. Questions that I need to answer for engineering teams, to keep them from being delayed in their work. Today, I came onto a conference call at five minutes after the hour, overhearing one of the participants saying, “She’s usually late.” It stung, but it’s true. His topic is lower priority for our team, so when there’s a conflict, I have to take the other meeting, making me late to his.

My goal for the next two weeks is to be exactly on time to every meeting where I control my schedule and give advance alerts to every meeting where I think I will have to be late, so the organizers can make a choice whether to start without me. Let’s see if paying extra attention helps me.


Desiree said...

We have the same bent leg situation as we haven't used our "bag" since spring - I think I need to order Connor a large, or maybe just order an XL and skip a step. He moves a ton in his sleep and has been kicking his blanket off. Did you see that you can order the larger sizes with holes for the feet to stick out for walkers? Genius!

mayberry said...

It's so frustrating being late. I am really bad about trying to squeeze in too much, which inevitably makes me late--and stressed. I'm working on it. Hope you make some progress too!

Anonymous said...

I used to be really prompt, and now I live in the 'ish'. Good luck to you in your quest to be on time!