Monday, October 12, 2009

Containers So Obsessive That Even I Didn’t Buy Them

I’ve seen these faux tomatoes and onions a couple of times in Storables and other such places that are like crack for an organizational fiend like um, some people we know. They split in half to reveal a hollow space to store one’s sliced vegetables and keep the refrigerator “stain and odor free.” It seemed a bit excessive to need a specific container rather than just use Tupperware or glass bowls, but as someone fond of anthropomorphic plush veggies, I can’t really throw rocks here.

I also came across an eight-piece set “made up of containers shaped for a package of bacon, a stick of butter, a brick of cream cheese, a ten-pack of hot dogs, a head of lettuce or small cantaloupe, a tomato or onion, a pint of berries, and a bunch of celery.” Gotta love the hot dog-shaped tub.

This one, however pushed me over the edge of silly giggles.

It’s a Banana Bunker, meant to keep the fruit from getting squashed in your lunch bag, complete with flexible center tubing for different sizes and lengths of banana.

Never let it be said that one's foodstuffs were insufficiently loved.


ljc said...

Hoo boy. Yeah I have the onion and also tupperware apple and grape containers. Didn't know there was a tomato one. Can't help myself.

Anonymous said...

I have actually seen a banana container in action. And I totally want one, because bananas are so prone to undue bruising in transit. I don't have any of the other containers, but the banana one seems really very practical. Albeit somewhat, um, suggestive.

mayberry said...

Ha! I just saw the tomato and onion ones on a bridal registry this weekend, but somehow the bride overlooked the banana bunker!

Stimey said...

The banana thing? Hysterical.

I also have to tell you that my husband came home with that onion thing. I think it's hilarious. He thinks it's genius. I laugh every time I see it.

Asianmommy said...

Oh my goodness--that's so funny! Thanks for the laugh. :)