Thursday, October 22, 2009

Being Crazy is More Fun with Two

I’ve been over at our late Costume Conspirator’s house a few times this week, helping her sister sort through costumes, fabric, videos, and CDs. A few memories came to mind.

She used to lead us in these crazy yoga-inspired warm-ups before rehearsal, even while she was in treatment for her cancer. One evening, just a few days after another surgery, she was teaching us some kind of complicated yoga push-up, and I looked up from the floor to scan the rest of the room. All the men and women were wobbly balancing on their hands and feet, valiantly trying to hold the pose and not collapse.

Costume Conspirator’s voice rang cheerfully across the room. “Don’t watch me – I’m not using the right technique!”

I looked over at her. She was doing the push up ONE HANDED to protect the incision from her surgery.

And that’s what an amazing lady she was.

We found a whole box of rhinestones in her sewing room, which made me remember the whole progression of how we started decorating dresses. How about some beads? And fringe, we need lots of fringe. Wait, wait, let’s do beaded fringe!

Neither of us are in this picture by the way, but we made the dresses and I choreographed the dance. Photo credit: Patrick Tower

No idea was too wild for her. One rehearsal, I ran over and said, “I have this vision for the final number in the show. I want all the ladies to wear white dresses with the men in tails.”

Between her closet and my closet, we found ten white ballgowns representing the eras of the concert – 1840’s, 1910’s, and 1930’s. So, we sewed three white 1920’s frocks to fill out the timeline, another girl made her own, and kazaam! We had the Finale Blanc.

That’s CC on the far right, showing off her great legs.


Anonymous said...

Those are some great photos. And some great memories. Your Costume Conspirator sounds like an amazing woman, and I can only imagine how much she is missed.

mayberry said...

What a fabulous lady -- and it sounds like you two made a great team.

Waltzing with Widgets said...

So much energy- she was a remarkable and inspiring person!

Asianmommy said...

Love the gold costumes!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the wonderful memories of CC!
Madame A