Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Acronym Dance City

Thank heavens for blogs, that’s for sure. For two weeks in a row, Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance aired simultaneously on Tuesday nights, and with the current household technical limitation, we can only watch/record one at a time. I managed to find an east coast live blog for each show and read ahead to decide when to change channels. Success!

(Spoilers ahead, if you haven’t seen DWTS and want to be surprised.)
This week, the show said good-bye to Ultimate Fighting Champion Chuck Liddell, who was kind of a terrible dancer, but very likeable. I am charmed by someone who can win the light-heavyweight championship of the world in mixed martial arts fighting (whatever that means, but it sounds tough) and also rock the samba sleeves. The photo below is actually a dance team from previous season (looks like Marie Osmond and Jonathan), since I couldn’t find any of Chuck, but his sleeves were even more crazy, if anything.

I’ve been loving the crossovers between the shows. The season 1 winners of America’s Best Dance Crew, Q-ster’s favorite Jabbawockeez, performed on DWTS last week, choreographer Louis Van Amstel has been teaching and performing on both DWTS and SYTYCD, many members of ABDC’s Qwest Crew first got their taste of TV stardom on SYTYCD, and of course, Lacey, Chelsie (in top photo), and Dmitry from SYTYCD are now pros on DWTS. It’s challenging to get work in the field, and these shows are providing high profile employment for some great performers.

I’m looking forward to the Top Twenty in SYTYCD. The krumper is pretty terrific, so I hope he makes it through. Does anyone else feel like the sole married couple in the remaining 38 dancers is going to somehow be set up so they’re vying for the “last” spot in the show? Not sure how they’ll work it since they’re (obviously) opposite gender, but last year the producers put two brothers in that position and the year before, two roommates.

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So is it time for me to start watching SYTYCD again now?!