Thursday, October 15, 2009

2T or Not 2T?

I wrote more about the hopelessness of trying to find the right size clothes for preschoolers over at Silicon Valley Moms Blog today in Just Find Me the Right Size, Please! Thanks for your comments on the original post, which helped me write this one.

As I was sorting through Q-ster’s old things to see what we had for Buster’s winter wardrobe, I found a wealth of footie pajamas, but almost nothing in terms of pants and long sleeved shirts. Did we dress Q-ster in only pajamas for an entire season?

Well, I looked through our old photos, and yeah. He pretty much wore nothing but stripey footie pajamas through the entire 18-24 month period. Sorry, dude. We get out more this second time around, so I bought some actual daytime clothing for Buster to supplement the hand-me-downs.

It’s nice to know that there is some minimum level of parental competence that is improving, because I think I’m less apprehensive in taking both a four and a half year old and an 18 month old out solo than I was three years ago, taking just an 18 month old on outings.

Anyway, here are a few of the pajama pix from Q-ster’s toddlerhood.


mayberry said...

Mmmm ... pumpkin stem!

Anonymous said...

I think that parental competence definitely improves. It's funny all of the things that I thought were SO HARD with just one baby, now aren't really hard at all with 2. It's this sort of thing that makes me want more kids - I'm just getting good at this!

Asianmommy said... that pumpkin shot. :)

Desiree said...

Adorable! Nothing cuter than a baby in footed jammies!

It was so great to see you and Q yesterday. Hope we get to see you again soon!