Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This One Had a Rowboat

A month and a half later, I’m finally getting around to writing about the Logistically Complicated Wedding, and the unexpected bonus is that I’ve mostly forgotten the irritations of the travel path and only recall the spectacularly good time we had.

It was a bit chilly on Orcas Island, off the coast of Washington State, and more than one of us remarked that it was too bad the local craft was pottery instead of knitting. I would certainly have ponied up for a thick handmade sweater. Fortunately, the groom, Surfer Dude, had consulted the farmer’s almanac in selecting the weekend with the best chance of good weather, and the sun shone brightly for the wedding itself.

We taught a dance lesson following the rehearsal dinner, and thoroughly enjoyed watching the two families and assorted friends meet each other as they rotated around the circle, changing dance partners. It’s been a while since we’ve had a class of (mostly) true beginners, which was so rewarding as teachers. With no babysitting deadline, we relaxed and danced, and felt really alive again. Music and movement and friendship do that.

The bride and groom had asked us to DJ the post-rehearsal gathering at the last minute, so we’d grabbed the MDs we’d compiled for our own wedding, exactly eleven years prior to theirs, and played tunes for an hour or so. The funny thing was, every time SwingDaddy would pick a track, I’d say, “I LOVE that song!” Well, yeah. Of course I love that song – because we selected each one that was on the disc.

Like the Theatrically Complicated wedding couple, Surfer Dude and Surfer Gal devised a creatively beautiful event. All the guests walked from the outdoor ceremony around the bay to the reception hall, where we stood on the deck and watched the newlyweds approach by rowboat, paddling in synchrony. What a perfect way to launch a lifetime partnership.

And of course, they went surfing for their honeymoon.


Bob said...

Neat writeup, joyful to read

mayberry said...

Sounds beautiful - I love hearing about weddings made really personal.

Anonymous said...

I love the rowboat pictures. So. Cool. :)