Wednesday, September 02, 2009

R is for Rose

Q-ster’s Mandarin comprehension is very good, as our nanny and my parents speak to him almost exclusively in Chinese, and I try to remember to speak as often as I can. However, once he started preschool, he shifted almost to speaking only English, even though he once spoke the two languages equally.

He needed more activity and entertainment while his regular school has been on break, so he’s been attending a bilingual preschool two days a week for the month of August, in the hopes that he’d have fun with new playmates and perhaps brush up his Mandarin skills. Overall, it’s been pretty successful. By the third day, he was dropping Chinese words into his conversation and occasionally teaching me a word. (Papaya is “moo gua,” in case you’re interested.)

I’d love to keep him in both his regular preschool (MWF mornings) and the bilingual school (TTH mornings), but it gets a little pricey, so we’ll see how the year shapes up once school starts next week. I’d want to look more into the curriculum plans of the bilingual school if we decide to enroll long-term.

One charming twist on their weekly show-and-tell day is that it’s alphabetized. Each week brings a new letter. Since they started with “a” earlier in the year, we arrived on week “o,” when Q-ster brought an Obi-wan figurine, followed by “p,” when he brought a toy Pot from his IKEA cooking set.

We pondered over “q.” Queen? Quarter? Neither really grabbed his interest. What else starts with Q? He came up with his own – “qu-(muffled)!” I wasn’t sure what he said, so I asked him, “What is it?”

He responded, “You sleep under it.” Ah, a Quilt! Nice job, kiddo. We sent him into school with a picture of Buster on his baby quilt.

This morning was “r,” which was thankfully easy with all the roses in our backyard. These days, the homework is alphabet show-and-tell, but too soon it will be thermodynamics and agent architecture.


Lara said...

I'm sure you have at least until 2nd or 3rd grade for thermodynamics. :-P

mayberry said...

I was pretty surprised when my first grader started learning geometry and parts of speech! I think I did that in junior high ...

Kimberly said...

I bet he'll be learning that more complex stuff before you know it. I'm still surprised how concepts I didn't learn until 2nd or even 3rd grade are now being taught in kindergarten. Eeek!

My daughter did alphabetized show & tell last year too. It was fun . . . until we got to X. ;-)

Anonymous said...

If the homework were thermodynamics show-and-tell, that would be awesome. And progressive. It would certainly liven up many of the physics classes I've taken, anyway.

YF said...

thermo - what? as Tom often teases me, the education system back in po-dunk washington may have been a bit behind the times - however, VERY impressed w/ the success on your mandarin efforts - we can totally relate (spanish wise). when we cut Fis nanny time way back we took a hit on the speaking too and now have her in a 3 mornings a week spanish program. so much work and money! but worth it i hope one day... :-)