Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh, Patrick. And Gaga and Kermit

Rest in Peace, Patrick Swayze.

Dirty Dancing was one of the movies that made me want to learn how to dance, and I remember watching it so many times. The music to Time of My Life still makes me smile when I hear it.

Did anyone else watch the MTV Video Music Awards? I haven’t cared in years, but I’d actually seen a bunch of the nominated videos this time, so we tuned in to see some entertaining performances like Taylor Swift singing on the subway from 42nd street to Radio City Music Hall, Pink doing real trapeze work, and Lady Gaga doing whatever it is that she does. Here’s a collage of her costumes from just the one evening.

Plus her date, Kermit, who gave her a kiss as she left their limousine. This helps a bit to remove the disturbing image of her Kermit-puppet-dress from earlier this year (warning - if you're squeamish about plush, don't click).

Gaga is bizarre, but certainly fearless.


mayberry said...

I happened to thumb through the latest issue of Glamour in a waiting room this a.m. and there was a one-pager about a staffer who dressed as Lady Gaga for the day (fishnets, leotard, wig, sunglasses). Pretty funny.

Kimberly said...

I am undecided about what to make of her. On one hand, I think she is a freak. On the other, I wonder if she is a genius. The next Madonna even. Time will tell. If nothing else, she is entertaining.