Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Life of Pseudonyms

FourthBreakfast, Auntie Fafa, KK, and I met LJC (left) for dinner last night while she was in town for a conference. So fun! And such really good banana caramel crisp for dessert. I brought her a tiny plush wasabi to go with the pink momo from a few years ago. Anthropomorphic Japanese food toys are the cutest.

One of the many topics was weddings, since Auntie Fafa is newly engaged, and I bemoaned how I was married in the dark ages, with photos on film. LJC, being a Kodak expert, reassured me that film is still considered the best archival method, so I feel much better about it. I just need to scan more of the pictures so I can find them easily!

Unrelated: A couple of days ago, Buster got ahold of a spoon and approached me rapidly. He opened his mouth very wide, and then tried to put the spoon in MY mouth. I suppose that’s what he sees us doing all the time!


Karianna said...

Mmm, now I am hungry. And I love the idea of a wasabi plush.

Bob said...

Looks like the Flush Wasabi has scallions for hair-good combination.

Anonymous said...

My baby loves to put things in my mouth. He thinks he's the funniest. Feeding me a Cheerio will cause him to laugh uproariously for AGES. Funny kids!

Anonymous said...

where did you have that dessert? Original Joe's in SJ?