Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Lack of Screaming, Part I (We Hope)

We’ve traditionally made the drive to my parents’ house overnight, since the traffic is light and Q-ster would sleep the whole way there. 450 miles later, we’d arrive in the wee hours of the morning, and Ama and Agu would be happy to play with the little dude while we crawled into bed.

Last autumn’s trip, our first with both kids, was not so smooth. Since infancy, Buster has almost never slept in the car, so not only did he not sleep, but he didn’t like the fact that it was dark and wailed at siren levels for miles and miles. We spent two and a half hours in the parking lot of Casa de Fruta, waiting for him to fall asleep, inserting him into the car seat, and having him wake up. Lather, rinse, repeat.

We’re headed that way again in a few weeks, and after careful evaluation of how many rest stops we’d have to make along the way to keep the boys from going stir crazy, figured that it might take three weeks to make the drive. It was time for a test run of whether Buster could handle sleeping in the car at night, now that his seat faces forward and he’s a year older, and the moon is full, and whatever other factors may be at play.

Saturday night, I brushed his teeth, read his bedtime story, and popped us in the car. Better to waste an hour and two gallons of gas now than to figure out too late that we should have chosen the long, slow daytime drive instead. I started the engine, backed out of the garage, and held my breath. I heard a little sigh from the backseat. And then silence.

Twenty-five miles out. No crying. He woke briefly when I pulled through the drive-through (Krispy Kreme!), and went back to sleep. Fifty-nine minutes of night driving and nary a peep. Success.

Fingers crossed that the test run will be an accurate reflection of the real drive.

Unrelated photo: First day of preschool!


Anonymous said...

My firstborn would shriek non-stop in the car, especially at night. Plus she was really petite and had to stay rear-facing until she was nearly 2. We just didn't go anywhere, for years almost. One person can only take so much screaming before the driving starts to suffer, and after a while I couldn't handle it anymore.

Fingers crossed for a great trip. It sounds promising from where I sit. :)

mayberry said...

He looks very handsome! Good news on the test run.

YF said...

That is a great shot... Q is so cute and so big. Good luck on the real ride - really not fun when the screaming and driving mix.