Monday, September 07, 2009

Guilty Pleasures Edition

Even though I watch Dancing with the Stars and buy Britney Spears albums, I feel little guilt for most of my pop culture consumption. I like dancing; I like her music. So when I mention my guilty pleasures, you know they’re baaaaad. Here are the latest:

In spite my reservations about plot and quality of writing on the Twilight series, I am a regular visitor to the Twilight Lexicon fansite, where the editors breathlessly interview bit part actors about their character motivations and experiences on set. “Such-and-such NewName, who plays Thug #1 explains that the part demanded great depth of soul . . . “ Bonus features – links to other devoted fans, like this Team Jacob/Team Edward corn maze. Yeah, you read that correctly, it’s agri-tainment!

And even worse, I am thisclose to buying Taylor Swift’s new single on iTunes. “You Belong with Me” is a highschooler’s lament about wishing her best guy friend would come to his senses, quit seeing his flaky cheerleader girlfriend who doesn’t like his music and doesn’t understand him, and find true love with her. It’s pretty awful and oh, so catchy.

Confess, y’all. Can you top these?


Anonymous said...

I am a country music fan, something I won't admit in certain circles. And I am frequent visitor to the Lost fansite, with similar sort of content. Oh, and I'm a huge fan of 90210, new and old. I have always wanted to be Kelly Taylor.

I have actually never read a Twilight book or seen the movie, but I have decided I am on Team Jacob. Since, you know, that's my son's name after all.

mayberry said...

I watch the Hoedown Throwdown song (from the Hannah Montana movie) on YouTube. Often.

kittenpie said...

Maybe not top, but I am finding Taylor Swift more enjoyable than I would expect or most likely admit!

And btw, I am looking to get back in the blogging saddle again, so catching up on my reading a bit before I go back to work tomorrow, so Hello! from the long-lost.