Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Dance Reality Show Overload

Can I just say that I am totally not ready for So You Think You Can Dance to start again? The last season just finished a month ago, and much as I love the show, it’s too soon. America’s Best Dance Crew still has three weeks to go, and thank heavens they are respectful of my time and pack in all performances and results within one hour each week. Even for the opening week, when they have nine crews performing!

Dancing with the Stars starts their season not long after, with the latest scandal being that Maksim and Karina have apparently broken their engagement.

I’m wondering if the networks are going to start seeing their audience taper off from burnout. Hopefully, the dance reality show craze will continue for a few more years!

For something completely unrelated, a company in South Africa was disgruntled with their flaky broadband connectivity, which made their data transmissions painfully slow. Due to the landlines going up and down, it would take on the order of two days to send 4GB to their data center. Ever creative, they ran a successful test with a homing pigeon carrying a memory card, and the pigeon made it in less than an hour.

Their broadband provider got into the game, and they scheduled a head to head race tonight – old school (Winston the pigeon) vs new school (DSL). The race is still going on but I need to get some sleep, so we’ll find out the scoop in the morning. Go, Winston!

Updated: Winston won!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I'm thinking of skipping the first few episodes and joining at Vegas week. They edited indulgently last season, and then most of the top 20 were never even seen in the initial auditions.

Fourth Breakfast

mayberry said...

4th B has a good idea. I'm not that into the auditions either. And I'm busy with Top Chef and Project Runway! Why do all my shows have to be on the same two days of the week?!

Bob said...

I tried to watch Go Winston and it took forever to load (from S Africa?) so I gave up. Funny!

kittenpie said...

I've just gotten into these shows, but sadly, not only does Misterpie hate them so I don't see them much, but they are halfway done by the time the kids are in bed, stuff put away, and I get upstairs to the tv room. Ah, well.