Thursday, September 17, 2009

Clothing Size Fail

I do NOT understand children’s sizing. The helpful clerk at the Carter’s Outlet explained that the sizes run 3T-4T-5T and then it goes back to 4 and 5? Is this true?

Is there some kind of proportion change, like maybe the toddler sizes are for the chubbier kids before they start elongating into preschoolers? It used to be so easy to find clothes for the little dude, and now I’m picking the wrong sizes. Someone help please!


Leighann of Multi-Minding Mom said...

I am not 100% on this because I am perpetually confused. But I think that the toddler sizes are bigger through the butt and crotch to accommodate a diaper.

But then I don't know because in the girls' section it goes through 6T sometimes and what five or six-year-old is still wearing a diaper?

And what I completely don't understand is that my 5yo wore size 6x t-shirts and 6 and 6x shorts all summer, but when I made a mass purchase of Carter's and Osh Kosh in size 6x and brought them home, the shirts were HUMONGOUS! I had to take everything back and exchange and of course they didn't have all the same things in size 6.

So frustrated!

That and my son has been wearing a 2T forever. At 18 months he was wearing 2T and now at 28 months he's wearing 2T. I have no idea what size to buy for him for winter. 3T? And what I don't get is that he is 90% for height, yet all the pants are long.


mayberry said...

I have heard the same thing as Leighann, from a Gymboree saleswoman; the "T" sizes are cut to accommodate diapers.

This is why I cannot fathom buying clothes in advance. My kids wear all different sizes at once and sometimes they grow out of things really fast and sometimes they NEVER seem to. I finally took all the 24 mo out of O's drawers just on principle (since he's almost 4.5 years old) but some still fit!

Anonymous said...

I remember discovering that sometimes the bigger sizes were actually smaller. Or longer and leaner, like kids get as they get older. But it's hit and miss, and I have no good answers. 2 kids in, and I'm just as confused as you. :/

Stimey said...

My least favorite time of the year is when my mom asks me for my kids' sizes for Christmas presents. I have such a hard time articulating what size. Small, medium? 5? 5T? 6/7? 7/8? I much prefer to just hold the clothes up in front of the kid.

Bob said...

May be the sizes should be called 3D (Diapers), 4D instead of 3T and 4T

Desiree said...

Wow, I thought I was confused about sizes before but that is even more baffling. Andrew has stayed pretty true to the size that corresponds to his age, but there are a few that are way off. He just got a pair of hand me down shorts from his 8 year old cousin that say 18 months. Seriously. On the plus side, I think they could double as pants for Connor, who actually IS in 18 month size clothing.

Asianmommy said...

Yes, I've also heard that 3T is for size 3 with diapers. Size 3 is for kids without diapers. That makes sense to me--those diapers can get really HUGE! :)

Anonymous said...

Brand sizes tend to vary so much -not just between T and non-T, but across brands. This issue of children's clothing sizes and fit is near and dear to me.

I've heard from a lot of moms that suggest:
*Trying clothing on before you buy
*Sticking with brands you know
*Knowing your kid's measurements and scouring brand size charts
*and, not expecting a brand's sizes to always grow in the same way your child does.
Stormy, SizeTracker Blog