Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Big Brother Was Right

We were getting ready for an outing last week, and I put Buster in a cute top with red sealife embroidery. I pulled out the matching blue overalls, and Q-ster said “Buster doesn’t like overalls.”

Huh? The outfit was actually a hand-me-down from Q-ster himself, so this was the first time that I’d tried it on the micro dude.

Tried was the operating word. I tried to put the overalls on Buster. In the face of heavy opposition, I put him back in his crib to chill, while I packed our snacks. Then I brought the overalls back to him and immediately generated high volume wailing.

“Buster DOESN'T LIKE overalls!” Q-ster said. Perhaps he’d seen a similar scene with our nanny?

To test the theory, I would bring the outfit close to Buster, and the noise would increase. I put them down on the sofa, and he quieted. This made no sense at all, but eventually, I bowed to reality, retrieved a pair of regular shorts from the dresser, and he let me put them on him right away.

I guess Q-ster was right. Buster doesn’t like overalls. Good thing he’s got an observant older brother, even if mom is slow on the uptake.


Waltzing with Widgets said...

Somehow I am imagining a scene involving a tape measure, and a graph of volume vs distance, but maybe I am just measurement-obsessed...

Kimberly said...

How funny! My oldest always had a way of interpreting what my youngest wanted long before she could talk too. It must be some type of sibling ESP.

mayberry said...

I have used this tactic in my favor many times including this morning: "Can you help your brother pick out an outfit?" It totally works!