Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Anti-Crust Hater

When I saw the Lunch Punch on Cool Mom Picks, I was amused at the both the concept – removing sandwich crusts while making a cute shape appealing to a child – and the fact that my previously toast-loving baby has switched to ONLY eating the crusts of his bread. His obsession with broccoli seems to also have passed and now he loves string cheese and sushi. Whatever, dude.

I had the pleasure of being interviewed today by the lovely Ananda Leeke, author, artist, and yoga guru, for Sisterhood, the Blog Radio. I met Ananda at the Women of Color panel at BlogHer ’09, which inspired me with the passion and purpose overflowing the room. We chatted about how and why I started blogging, what I learned at BlogHer, and the meaning of sisterhood. Click here to learn about her books, and here to hear our interview. Thanks, Ananda!

Speaking of inspiration, if you haven’t seen or read President Obama’s speech for school children, go read it. Even for those of us who’ve passed out of the classroom setting, it is a stirring reminder of personal responsibility and owning our todays and tomorrows.

Buster says, "Study hard! I do. When I'm not sleeping or gnawing on toys, that is."


mayberry said...

oh, wow! SO fun to hear you!

Bob said...

Great eye contact, great photo.

Anonymous said...

My baby also loves crusts. I think it's because my 4-year-old hates them, so I often give him her discards. Poor, poor child eating his sister's cast-offs, but it's working for everyone so I go with it.

Asianmommy said...

I thought it was a great speech. I was so disappointed that our school did not broadcast it for the students. We watched it at home as a family.