Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This is What Happens When a Bunch of Engineering PhDs have a Bachelor Party

After a few bachelor-party free years, SwingDaddy had back-to-back weekends of pre-wedding festivities. Indoor skydiving. Skeet shooting. Surfing. Barbeque on the beach. Pub crawling. The works. (All this made me feel less guilty about leaving him with the boys when I went to BlogHer the following weekend!)

For the most part, all the participants have had years and years of training in rigorous mathematical analysis, and that resulted in some amusing correspondence.

Hey Guys,

Thanks for a blast this weekend at (the groom’s) bachelor party! I'd like to sort out the finances of who owes what to whom using just this one email exchange. I need answers to the questions below (please look carefully).

the organizer
(we’ll call him Adam)

1) Members of the group were (minus the groom, since he won't be paying for anything):
Adam, Brad, Cormac, David, Eric, Flavio, Gerry (and so on).

2) Brad paid $562.28 for indoor skydiving. I have the participants as: Adam, Brad, Cormac, Flavio, Gerry, Hayden, Ian, Jacob

3) Cormac paid $178.00 for BBQ. I have the participants as: (list of names)

4) Who paid for surfing lesson and what was the amount? I have the participants as: (list of names)

5) Who paid for lunch at the beach, and what was the amount? I have the participants as: (list of names)

6) Who paid for drinks at Red (first bar) . . .

7) Who paid for drinks at Blue Lagoon (second bar) . . .

8) Who paid for drinks at place with tequila shots (third bar) . . .

And the list went on . . . sounding more than ever like a word problem from a math test.

A few days later, there was a follow-up.


Thanks for getting back to me quickly on expenditures for (the Groom's) bachelor weekend. I have already mailed checks to those who are owed money. To see how much the rest of you owe me, please see below.

Let me know if you need a further breakdown of your expenditures. See you at the wedding!


Brad: Adam has mailed you a check for $365
Cormac: Adam has mailed you a check for $695

David: Mail Adam a check for $207
Eric: Mail Adam a check for $93
Flavio: Mail Adam a check for $44
Gerry: Mail Adam a check for $177
(and so forth)

*Note: SUM[people who are OWED $] = SUM[people who OWE $]

And I believe a good time was had by all.


Anonymous said...

That is so them!!


Anonymous said...

Those? Are my kind of people. Seriously, my kind of people.

mayberry said...

I'm impressed that the follow-up happened within a few days! Wow.

Asianmommy said...

How funny! :)

T. said...

engineering aside, I love thinking about how you picked out those names! They sound so specific to our generation except Hayden is still a kid and Gerry is probably 40 years older than us if he's a Gerald, or maybe only 20 years older if he's Gerard / Gerardo. And Flavio, he's got to be the Italian data grapher.
-TB (W w/ W)