Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Red Things

Three red things only related by my wandering mind. Warning: high exclamation point factor.

The Vivienne Tam netbook. So pretty! After much thought, I decided that even a generic netbook isn’t really necessary because I almost always need to carry my work laptop with me anyways.

I put this Red Carpet fashions book on my wishlist a few years ago, and it looks like it’s gone out of print – but I can get a used copy for $2.98! I think I’ll save it for a consolation prize on a tough day.

I’m almost out of Lady M business cards and was thinking about getting in touch with Secret Agent Josephine for a reprint. I came across her etsy store and look at the first item – a cute octopus!


Asianmommy said...

Love the octopus!

Anonymous said...

I love that netbook, too. I'm glad that there are so many pretty computers becoming available. It's a little bit ridiculous and unnecessary, but the thought of owning one makes me smile.

mayberry said...

My plain black netbook is very shiny, but that's hardly a consolation, is it?