Monday, August 24, 2009

Non Sequitur Theatre

As my doctor looked over my records during my annual physical, she commented that out of the two to three thousand patients she sees each year, I am only the second adult in her thirties with a complete inoculation record. She told me to compliment my mother on her record keeping.

We were also helped by my only having two doctors from the time I was born to when I was twenty-two and heading off to the work world. I brought my vaccination card, complete with clown stickers, straight from the pediatrician’s office to my grown-up medical office, where the nurses were quite amused by the decoration.

I was pregnant with Buster when we moved into this house, so I left the two bottom bookshelves empty in every room, knowing it was just a matter of time before a small person would be investigating the tastiness of books. Well, the micro dude can now reach THREE shelves, which means we’re evacuating things upwards.

Our university alumni association sent postcards for us to call a number and update our contact information for the annual directory. I thought this odd, since they have our information online. It seems like checking a web form would be more efficient, for at least the younger alumni.

I called the number, confirmed that my data was still current, and the agent tried to sell me the directory. No thank you, I replied. Why would I want a paper directory that will just take up space and be obsolete before it’s even printed? The agent jumped in and offered the CD-ROM. Less bulky, but again, obsolete immediately. For information that I may or may not need, I’d rather access an online directory, thanks.


Stimey said...

Imagine all those school directory publishers that are probably sending daily hate mail to facebook. I'm impressed that you called.

Also, good thinking on leaving the bottom two shelves empty. I have just rearranged my books seventy-six times since my kids were born.

mayberry said...

My husband just got one of those postcards too. Maybe he should decorate it with clown stickers and then mail it back!

Asianmommy said...

I know--I think we've kind of outgrown "yearbooks" by now. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm considering just emptying the shelves completely. At this point it would be much less work to store the books for the next year or so than to re-shelve them eleventy-billion times a day.

Desiree said...

We got the same postcard but I just tossed it. I am impressed that you called, too. We also received a thick class directory and updates on our class graduates since it is our 10 year reunion this year and I was pretty upset that they wasted all of that paper when they could have put it online, plus the money wasted to print it up and send them out to hundreds of households, which probably would have cost the equivalent of a few full scholarships which they are always asking us to donate for. Grrr!!!