Monday, August 10, 2009

LBS (Little Black Shoe)

On the average week, I wear these shoes to work two days, say Monday and Wednesday:
And these on Tuesday and Thursday.

Fridays are a bit more casual, so I wear these.

Sometimes, I mix it up. One week, there was a team picnic on a Thursday, so I wore the sneakers that day, and the nicer shoes for a presentation Friday. Woo-hoo.

What I’m saying is that I have pretty nondescript shoes for work. I have pink suede tango shoes, red satin ballet slippers, polka-dotted pumps, dance shoes in every color and height of heel, but for work, shoes only have the purpose of not reminding me that they are uncomfortable.

I had hit a pretty satisfactory milestone at the office a week ago, so I though I’d treat myself to some new shoes. Nothing crazy, but maybe something a little more fun. (Yes, this was the aforementioned Nordstrom Anniversary Shoe Sale, where Buster was perfectly behaved and oddly mesmerized by a display of Ugg boots.)

I found the perfect pair! Quirky, playful, and not sacrificing comfort.

And sadly, unavailable in my size in the store, any other Nordstrom, on Zappos,, or any online shoe store I’ve been able to find. I consoled myself with a Lady Gaga song from iTunes, but it just wasn’t the same.

P.S. Thanks for all the curiosity about my hair! The reason that I didn't post a picture is that it's quite difficult to photograph black hair. (Asian-American, not African-American). My hair has almost no variation in color, so it takes a really well lit image to show the cut. When Michelle Yeoh was cast as a kick-ass Bond girl in Tomorrow Never Dies, they highlighted her hair with blue tones, so that you could see the movement and shape of her hair.

Contrast this with our dancer friend Pink Gal (here in mid-jump), who could do shampoo and conditioner commercials with her gorgeous mane of naturally streaky blonde.


Anonymous said...

An interesting photographic conundrum. (BTW, at first glance I thought the Michelle Yeoh photo was you!)

mayberry said...

Oh, that is SO disappointing when that happens. Did you try, by any chance?

Magpie said...

Love those shoes you couldn't find. Bummer.

Anonymous said...

I hate that. Searching and finding the perfect item, only to discover it's not available in the configuration you need. I feel your pain.

ljc said...

I love shoe talk.

Also fascinating fact about Michelle Yeoh. How do you know that?!

Linda - one scoop at a time said...

Hi there! I just came here from LJC's blog because you indicated in your comments that you're from San Jose. Me too!

Just wanted to let you know that Marshalls has started carrying Sofft shoes, although selection is very limited and hit or miss. I've also purchased Sofft at a shoe store in Oakridge Mall (it's like the Walking Store, but not a national chain). There is always and

I think Sofft shoes are the best. Good luck in your search!