Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hollywood Heroes in Projects I Will Probably Never See

James Bond and Wolverine! Their gig, Steady Rain, is on Broadway, so I won't have an opportunity to heckle Daniel Craig's mustache or sigh over Hugh Jackman on stage again.

Two of my all time Hollywood crushes, Hugh Jackman (again) and Ewan McGregor, were even in the same movie last year, though sadly neither of them sings in it.

More movie stars: I was trying to decide whether or not to link to the Actor Believability Matrix, because it treats the actresses so poorly (not one single "completely legit" or "convincing enough" rating for the women), but that is partially due to the categories (firefighter, astronaut, quarterback, etc) not favoring females. In the end, I really can't quibble with Denise Richards getting a flunk-out as a nuclear scientist.


mayberry said...

Oh come on. She just needs some glasses and a sexy lab coat!

Ananda said...

I love Bond.

Anonymous said...

Like the matrix, though it's lack of diversity(gender and color) is pretty bad.