Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I felt like such an accomplished mom last weekend, making plans to take the children to enriching activities that would broaden their horizons – a county 4H fair, an ethnic festival, and the Nordstrom Anniversary shoe sale.

The fair sounded terrific. Cows! Sheep! Rabbits! Free! With free parking!

I was pretty excited and dressed Buster while my parents and SwingDaddy worked on getting Q-ster prepared. He resisted. They countered with all the fun things he could do there. I handed the baby to SwingDaddy and went after Q-ster.

No one ever tells you how to extract your child from under a couch while he’s moaning, “I don’t WANNA eat a treat! I don’t WANNA ride a ride! I don’t WANNA have fun!”

By the time I convinced him that he probably did want those things, Buster was restless and unwilling to get in his car seat, but we eventually tucked everyone in the car and drove to the fair.

Wow! Says the child. Cows are big! And stinky!

When do children learn punctuation other than exclamation points? Certainly not before four years old, and after reading this post, I realize that perhaps it doesn’t occur until the late thirties.

Buster decided he wanted out of the stroller, and when I set him down to walk, he prompted bolted from the livestock area and made a beeline for the good stuff.

Smart kid.

There were a number of carnival rides, some of which were bearing questionable labels.

The boys also had a good time looking at the “collections” exhibits. Buster liked a toy pig arrangement.

Q-ster managed to find, out of acres of animals and objects, a Star Wars battle scene built of Legos. I don’t know in which competition category that fell, but I’m grateful to the child who entered it.

We can make any experience into a Star Wars saga.


daysgoby said...

This was awesome! Fairs always sound like such a good idea until you factor in the stinky factor....

Anonymous said...

I love it when you have to convince the preschooler to do the most kid-friendly activity going. Kids, they are pretty funny people.

mayberry said...

Preschoolers. So rational!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

What, no photos from the shoe sale?!

My kid does the "I don't want to have fun!" routine all the time. It's tiring.