Thursday, August 06, 2009

Did Your Favorite Dancer Win?

(Spoiler in the post, if you haven’t seen the results and don’t want to know.)

Did you watch the finale of So You Think You Can Dance? The encore of the season’s best numbers was fun, although there was no need to repeat the little boys guest number, which was cute, but not as spectacular as a dance from say, Quest Crew, which has so many performers who originated their TV stardom from SYTYCD. It did make me think that maybe Q-ster and Buster are ready to join our dance troupe and start pulling their weight. (Just kidding! We’ll wait until at least until Buster can run without sticking his little round belly in front of him.)

I’m glad that there’s been little to no whining from the judges this season about “how America got it wrong” with the voting. When the contest is “America’s favorite dancer,” it’s impossible for America to get it wrong. That would be like someone asking you, “What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?” and when you answer, “Mint chocolate chip,” having him reply, “That’s wrong!”

If the content is “America’s BEST dancer,” you can argue over the definition of best, and then also make a case for whether someone is the best or not. But that’s not how the show bills itself.

Anyhow, we liked Jeanine the best out of the remaining four dancers – combination of talent and personality – so the results were fine. Unlike last season, where I actually felt sorrowful that we wouldn’t be seeing these people every week anymore (or was it just post-preggo hormones?) and immediately bought tour tickets, I think we’ll skip the tour this year. I’m holding out for another America’s Best Dance Crew tour, hopefully after season 4, which starts on Sunday!


Leighann of Multi-Minding Mom said...

I watched the results in the wee hours last night!

I really enjoyed last week's episode when they brought back dancers from last year to do the Emmie nominated performances. Though I was bummed not to see a Kaytee/Joshua reunion.

Last year I was so entrenched in the show and the dancers and wanted more, more, more.

And I jumped at the chance at seeing the live performance even though it meant driving 2 hours each way.

This year, meh. This year they are performing in my very town. But I'm not buying tickets.

The judges kept saying that this year had the best talent they've ever seen, but I just didn't see it.

And I think I said to you weeks ago that the best thing that happened to Jeanine was having her partner voted off. It wasn't until he was gone that we really got to see how great she was.

I haven't watched Dance Crew. Maybe I'll have to start.

(And I so wanted to call you in the middle of the night...or at least e-mail you!)

mayberry said...

I was surprised that Kayla came in first. But as my husband pointed out, she's an amazing dancer, but doesn't have as much personality as any of the others.

Did you hear about the SYTYCD workout videos? I am tempted!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Last night was the first time I ever watched if you can believe it. Jeanine is a hometown girl, yeah!

Jason said...

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