Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Totally Participating in the PR Blackout

Apparently, "the blogosphere is abuzz with the news that MomDot has proposed a week-long PR blackout in August." The angle is that Mom Bloggers are doing too much, getting wrapped up in giveaways, product reviews, and sponsored trips. The cure?

A week where bloggers “do not blog ANY giveaways, ANY reviews, and Zero press releases. In fact, we don’t want you to talk to PR at ALL that whole week” and instead write about their personal lives.

Imagine that! I need to jump on that bandwagon. (haha)

CityMama wrote about the kerfluffle, pointing out that “If you are doing too much and feeling burnt out, is it really PR’s fault? PR people are not your boss. YOU are your boss.”

Exactly, which is why I almost always reply to pitches with a friendly “no thanks.” I seldom have the patience to write a review or organize a giveaway. The last review sample I accepted was for frozen organic toddler food (Peas of Mind), and it was so good that I went and spent my own money on additional portions, but I still haven’t written the darn review for the Full Mommy.

So finally, here’s a blogosphere event in which I can participate – a blackout of stuff I don’t usually do anyway. It's like being trendy for free!

In other news, I checked the TV schedules of my favorite shows, and it’s looking perfect. The next season of America’s Best Dance Crew begins the week So You Think You Can Dance ends. And Dancing With the Stars begins the week ABDC ends. The fall season of SYTCTD is supposedly meant to transition the show to an autumn schedule, which will hopefully mean that it’ll return to being a one season per year show. I love dance, but there’s only so much dance reality TV that even I can take.

Any favorite routines from SYTYCD tonight? Travis Wall choreographed a great first number. We also loved Ade and Janette together in their Nappytabs routine.


Bob said...

Travis did an fantastic job, equal or better than the other pros. The only thing I miss this year are the ones during Hawk's and Dominic's year where they can walk and spin upside down on their hands and heads.

Bea said...

I don't usually respond at all. The one time I tried the polite no thanks it took me three or for messages to get rid of the why nots.

mayberry said...

The part that bugs me about that PR blackout is "no press releases." If you are blogging press releases, why is anyone reading your blog? UGH!

(I liked the girls' Bollywood number!)

Anonymous said...

I don't tend to respond to the PR, and if I do I'm politely declining. I've never done a sponsored review or giveaway.

But that week falls in the middle of my self-conceived blog carnival. Which isn't PR driven at all, but it's sort of counter to the ethic of the blackout. I find that sort of funny. That I NEVER do the PR thing, and yet I'm at odds with the blackout. Ah, irony.