Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Theatrically Complicated One

We attended the beautiful wedding of our friends this weekend, one where as a mere guest (and dancer/skit participant), I had three costume changes.

The happy couple looked so lovely. Check out the bride’s late nineteenth century-esque gown! Pardon the odd cropping - this it the only photo I’ve seen so far that shows the front of the gown unobscured by the bouquet.

They sang their vows, many different sets of friends performed dances, and following their choreographed first dance (a mazurka waltz), a panel of judges critiqued it “Dancing with the Stars”-style. I played Carrie Ann Inaba. I think that even the newts-and-trampolines wedding met its match in creativity.

Q-ster was disappointed that I left home for the event in ordinary clothes, because he wanted to see my costumes, so the next day, I pulled out one of the evening gowns to show him. He insisted I put it on, so I did, twirled around, and he was satisfied.

Photo credits: Mr. E and Super Video Guy


Anonymous said...

: )
thanks for writing, rehearsing, acting, dancing, and changing so many times!
--La mariƩe

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a fabulous wedding. I can understand why Q-ster wanted to check out your costumes. With my daughter the challenge would be keeping her OUT of them!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

How creative! Never heard of a wedding like that. Love the dresses too.