Monday, July 27, 2009

Now That's A Jellyfish

No, that’s not a Photoshopped image. It’s a diver next to a Nomura’s jellyfish, which can grow to 6 feet in diameter and 450 pounds. A massive pack (Herd? Flock? SwingDaddy and I whimsically decided that since they are now called “jellies” by scientific types because they aren’t fish, we could say “a gift basket of jellies.”) is threatening the fishing industry in Japan.

My type of jellyfish tends to run to the plush, like these sweet creatures, surrounded by other soft friends.

BlogHer tidbit of the day: Apparently, I have a purposeful walk. So much so that people will follow me, even if I have no idea where I’m going. This probably irritated my sister to no end, as she’d start walking in my direction before she noticed we were going the wrong way and would have to redirect me . . . all weekend long. Good thing she kept me from getting lost.

At one point, I strode off the elevator and a lady asked, “Do you work here?” which I would have understood had I been in a suit, but I was wearing a tank top and wrap. I guess it’s all about presence sometimes.


Anonymous said...

I've had people ask if I worked someplace when I had a baby strapped to me. It sort of makes me wonder.

And that jellyfish is freaking me out. I'm sure that diver's going to get stung!

Asianmommy said...

Wow--that jellyfish looks hungry! :)

mayberry said...

That thing is SCARY!

I like this BlogHer tidbit idea. I hope there's more to come!