Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Children Are Trying to Make Me Cry

The blogosphere is flooded with anxiety-laden posts this week about what to wear, how to prepare, what to bring and how to not be an outcast at BlogHer. Her Bad Mother puts it into perspective by pointing out that given this is a conference of people who spend a lot of time on the internet, it is “a gathering of people who are disproportionately more likely than other members of society to have limited social skills and so who should not be even remotely socially threatening.”

Where does that leave me? I think it means that I’m so socially inept that I don’t even know that I should be nervous.

Anyhow, that leaves me to ask the important questions. Not “What are you wearing?” or “What kind of cards did you have printed?” or “What important parties are you attending?”

No, no. What snacks are you bringing?

I’m totally rocking the “sleep eight consecutive hours” and “eat lots of snacks without sharing with tiny little people” vibe at BlogHer, and I hope to meet lots of you there. After the Great Breast Pump Debacle of 2008 (more on that tomorrow), I think we’re due for a more relaxed event this year.

I traveled a lot when Q-ster was a baby, but I don’t think I’ve been away from Buster for more than 24 hours since he was born. I cuddled him long after he’d fallen asleep, inhaling the sweet baby smell. Then I joined Q-ster in his room, where he proceeded to tell me, “I’ll miss you so much! I love you! Have a good time with Auntie O! I’ll miss you! Have fun in Chicago! Can I go to Chicago someday? I’ll miss you!”

I sniffled and kissed him good-night. I’ll miss all three of my boys.

Right after I get that full night’s sleep.


Anonymous said...

I love that photo. I have this strong desire to get family portraits of our own taken. Ever since baby #2 arrived I've wanted to dress in matching outfits and go sit on a picket fence or something. Anyways, your family portrait is great.

Enjoy yourself at BlogHer. And enjoy your sleep! :)

Asianmommy said...

Your family is adorable. See you at BlogHer!

YF said...

AMAZING family shot. I love it. Have a great trip at blogher! Thank you so much for the baby gifts. baby boy fence will definitely rock those adorable shoes -they are his first pair! Thank you!