Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Fourth Sweetest Word

Is Mama!

(The first three being “I love you,” that is.)

We had a word explosion today. In addition to the longtime “uh-oh” and recent “ge-ge” (big brother), Buster added, “ma-ma” and “nah-nah” (banana) today. I’m pretty sure we also got a “ba-ba” (daddy) and “bao-bao” (hug) too.


Bob said...

What a good breakthrough, now he can expressing himself. No more guessing.

Anonymous said...

I have been repeating 'mama mama mama' over and over to my 11-month-old, but no dice. I can't wait until he catches on, too.

Way to go Buster! :)

mayberry said...

Ohhh, I just love that breakthrough -- so much fun!