Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Benefit of Boys

Insert picture of faces aglow in the light of their first fireworks show! If only Mommy had decided to take the camera out of the car . . .

Insert video of little giggly laughs from Buster who was celebrating both the Fourth of July with “Yay!” cheers and the delight of having his car seat turned around so that he can face forward now.

Anyhow, sometimes it’s more important to enjoy the moment than document it in pixels.

Q-ster has been playing around with simple math lately and will say things like, “When I’m six years old, Buster will be three years old.” Then he’ll work his way up the number chain. “When I’m 7, Buster will be 4,” and so forth.

We’re pleased with his interest, and I told him that he’d be good at math, like his mom and dad. Math is fun!

Boys have some things harder. For instance, I believe acceptable gender roles are a lot more flexible for girls these days. But in that moment, it was SO nice to be able to talk to him about math with no agenda. I’m not gearing him up to battle a world that will tell him that he can’t do math, which is what many girls face.

A much sillier example of the benefit of boys: Receiving the jewelry that Q-ster makes at preschool. He brought home all sorts of crafts for the Fourth of July – a hat, tambourine, flag, songs - and gave me the bracelet. “For you!”


mayberry said...

I agree about boys. So many of them love toys like play kitchens and strollers, and they are discouraged from playing with them. I for one would like to raise a boy who cooks and pushes strollers!

Anonymous said...

Now that I have a son I'm really worried about some of the messages boys get. They're so mixed and so confusing. And I also find that a lot of teachers approach young boys differently than girls. It's something I worry about a lot.

But yeah, I hear you on the math. I'm really trying to encourage my daughter mathematically while keeping it fun. There's a specific agenda there.

Asianmommy said... sweet. I love your new bracelet.

kittenpie said...

I was so thrilled that Pumpkinpie's report card indicated that she is good in both language (from me) and math and logic (from Misterpie), and is interested and observant in science (both of us). That way she can pick whatever she wants, since yes, we believe girls can do it all! Misterpie's sisters are both engineers, so she has good role models, not just our talking.

Whoopsie Daisy! said...

No mixed messages in my classroom! Just ask Q-ster about the boys and the fuzzy pink slippers. :) Lots of kitchen play there too. I totally understand where you are coming from about the math!