Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Vending Machine Hates Me, But I Have Friends

You might recall that the third floor breakroom vending machine ate my dollar and someone else’s dollar in quick succession last month, giving us no Doritos in exchange. We cursed the machine, and then I forgot about it.

Once again, I was craving Doritos, so I ran downstairs, put in a series of quarters, watched the mechanism turn, and . . . the package got stuck. Duh! I should have known better.

I stomped back to my desk, more annoyed at myself than anything, since I should have known that it was a hopeless cause. My colleagues commiserated.

The fellow in the next cube suggested putting in another dollar or tipping the machine. “We tried both of those last time, but neither worked.”

Grump.Grump. I went back to my email.

A little while later, my neighbor reappeared, bag of Doritos in hand. “I can’t resist a challenge!” he said, describing how he’d intimidated the machine (actually, he's a big guy, so he was able to tip it over enough to shake it loose.)

Woo-hoo, thank you friend!

I think I will buy Doritos at the grocery store going forward, so that I don’t have to count on strong friends to liberate them from the vending machine.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps if you purchase the Doritos at the grocery store the vending machine will become sheepish and co-operative. There's nothing like the fear of being replaced to bring technology in line. ;)

Asianmommy said...

Good idea--much cheaper to get them at the grocery store, too.

Kimberly said...

I hate those machines. Definitely go with the grocery store in the future.

mayberry said...

I think Amber is on to something!

Magpie said...

we used to have a recalcitrant vending machine, two actually. one day, one was acting up and wouldn't take dollar bills. finally someone put a dollar in the other one, cancelled the "sale" and got his money back - in change. Change for the other machine.