Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Up and Down, Up and Down

As promised, staircase photos.

First, Buster’s on his way up.

Not satisfied with what he found at the top of the stairs, he’s on his way back down.

Mommy is spotting him, just in case.

Success! We celebrate a safe arrival at the bottom of the stairs.


Bon said...

he is so absolutely gorgeous, and looks so confident.

my little one is already looking at the stairs with lust in her eyes. her brother we totally kept away from stairs until he was about 18 months (i may critique my mother's caution, but i share a lot of it) but this one, i think we're sunk. ;)

Magpie said...

the endless fascinating with the stairs!!

Anonymous said...

I love that last photo. Buster and his cheering section. :)

Bob said...

Like the first photo, quite a pose.

mayberry said...

My firstborn lived in an apartment without stairs. Oh, the deprivation!

kittenpie said...

The Bun is quite happy to climb halfway up the stairs, but of course has no sense of not sitting back when he's had enough, so if he's going to give it a go, he DEFINITELY needs spotting!