Sunday, June 14, 2009

Somebody is the Child of Dance Teachers

Q-ster saw a still shot similar to this one - Edward and Bella under the prom gazebo in the movie, Twilight. In that image, they are standing close together, but it's not obvious that they are in motion. He asked three rapid fire questions.

Q-ster: Are they dancing?
Me: Yes.

Q-ster: Are they good?
Me: Well, she's not very good.*

Q-ster: Then is he teaching her?
Me: Um, kind of.

My thought bubbles along the way:
Cool, he sees the context and jumps to the conclusion they're dancing.
Hmmm, I guess his dad and I do comment a lot on who we think are good dancers.
And yes, he knows all about dance lessons.

It’s interesting to see what children pick up about their environment, and while I feel we haven’t done much dancing in a long time, it’s clearly still a part of our family!

*For those who haven't read the book/seen the movie, Bella is notoriously clumsy, and she's wearing a cast under the prom dress for her broken leg


mayberry said...

I introduced Opie to SYTYCD -- he loved the crash test dummies!

Anonymous said...

That is very cute. You know, these kids absorb a lot more than we think they do sometimes.

Bon said...

we teach our kids the literacies we have, and they add those lenses to the eyes they see the world with.

i wish dancing had been one of my literacies. :)