Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So I Booked a Hotel Room with Wi-Fi but No Toilet

We celebrated at eight weddings over the Year of Love in 2006, and after a long quiet period on the matrimonial front, it’s time to pick up those bouquets for the summer.

However, it’s more complicated these days. There are two little people that need constant attention, so attending weddings and all the associated pre-parties, bachelor parties, ladies teas, and dance rehearsals involves a lot more than before.

We’re honored to be invited to the Local but Theatrically Complicated Wedding and the Straightforward but Logistically Ludicrous Wedding, the second of which involves a two-hour flight, a two-hour drive, a two-hour ferry load, a one hour ferry ride, ferry unload, and then travel to the inn. Our friends could have chosen the Bikini Atoll, so really, this is not that distant and the location will be absolutely gorgeous, but I shudder to think of entertaining a four year old and a highly mobile one year old on such a segmented journey to a place where they can’t safely run around for an entire weekend, after spending hundreds of dollars for the privilege.

Once again, we are saved by superstar grandparents who will fly in to play with the boys while we make the journey ourselves. We would simply have to miss this day with our dear friends, and now we won’t have to make that choice.

Instead, we’re making choices about things like rental cars, ferry times, and hotel rooms. The one available hotel option with its own bathroom was $300 an evening, so believe it or not, I booked us a room with no toilet, for a mere $99. It does have wi-fi, which I suppose is the most important thing anyway.

There’s a shower/toilet down the hallway to be shared with a few other rooms, so this is still better than camping, right? Of course, I remind myself that there is a reason I don’t camp, but for just two nights, we’ll be fine. We can huddle over the light of our laptops and compose our well wishes for our friends who are launching a lovely new life together.


appleseed said...

On long haul travel (like flights to Hawaii...) portable DVD players and extra batteries are my best friends. I also bring, but rarely have to use the benadryl...
I wonder if you'll need to bring your own towels and TP since you're sharing!

Anonymous said...

Traveling with kids scares the bejeezus out of me. Thank heavens for grandparents, indeed!

mayberry said...

holy cow, where on earth are you going?

Zedque said...

So true, my new friend and comrade in logistically challenging travel! So loved meeting you both and sharing adventures with you this weekend. --Zoe